Here in paradise, we get a lot of questions. Things like “what time does the sun set?” or “why am I so relaxed?” We also get a few serious questions, which we’ve answered below. If you don’t see one you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.


Where can I buy Tradewinds® Tea?

To see if Tradewinds is available in stores near you, try our handy Find a Bottle service. If you’re looking for our 59 fl. oz flavors that must be kept chilled in your refrigerator, you’ll find those in the refrigerated aisle (but keep in mind they have limited availability)!

I’m looking for my favorite flavor of Tradewinds Tea. Can you help?

Yes, we can! When you use our Find a Bottle locator, you can choose to filter your search results by your favorite flavor. You can also have certain flavors delivered right to your door through your local water delivery company.

Can I have Tradewinds Tea delivered to my home or office?

We deliver Tradewinds through your local water delivery company. Click here to visit our partner website for more information about delivery. Unfortunately, our chilled flavors are not available for delivery.

Can I recycle Tradewinds Tea bottles?

All of our bottles are made with recyclable plastic. Our 18.5 fl.oz. bottles are PET #1 and our 1-Gallon bottles are #5 (HDPP) and #7. For information on how and where to recycle in your community, please visit

Do Tradewinds bottles contain BPA?

No, there is no BPA in the Tradewinds packaging materials.

On our Gallon bottles, the recycling number 7 is used to represent “other” recyclable materials and plastics that exist in the adhesive that is used to apply our labels. None of these materials or plastic contain BPA.

Does Tradewinds Tea contain high-fructose corn syrup?

You won’t find any high-fructose corn syrup in Tradewinds Tea. Nor will you find deep-sea jellyfish, but we hope you assumed that.

How are Tradewinds Tea flavors sweetened?

All of our Slow-Brewed flavors are sweetened with real sugar except for Green Tea with Honey (which is sweetened with real honey) and Diet Sweet Tea (which is sweetened with Sucralose).

Does Tradewinds Tea contain caffeine?

We don’t add caffeine to any of our teas. That being said, all teas naturally contain some caffeine. Our Green Teas contain the least amount of caffeine with about 1/4 the amount found in a comparable serving of coffee (about 10mg of caffeine per 8oz of green tea). Our Black Teas contain about 1/2 the amount of caffeine found in a comparable serving of coffee (about 15mg per 8oz serving of black tea).

Does Tradewinds Tea contain antioxidants?

Tea naturally contains antioxidants and because we use real tea leaves or tea extract, those antioxidants make it into our beverages.

Do Tradewinds Teas contain 4-MEI caramel color?

No. Our teas are made with Class I caramel color, so it does not contain 4-MEI and is safe for consumption (and enjoyment).

How do I get sand out of my shoes?

Fortunately, that’s a problem you won’t find in paradise. That’s because the best way to get sand out of a pair of shoes is to put away those shoes and find a pair of flip-flops.

Where is this paradise you keep talking about?

You won’t find our paradise on a map, unless you’re looking at a map of wherever you happen to drink a bottle of Tradewinds Tea. Our version of paradise is that feeling you get when you’re unwinding with the home-brewed taste of iced tea.

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