Our Story

Are you sitting down? Great. That’s the best way to enjoy paradise, and it’s also how our story begins. So twist open a Tradewinds®, settle into your beach chair and scroll down to discover our story.

A recipe in a bottle

One day while watching the waves go by in paradise, something caught our eye. It was a seagull! (A seagull doing seagull things.) And below that seagull was a bottle floating in the water. Inside was a rolled-up recipe for slow-brewed tea. Paradise would never be the same.

Brewing the first batch

We stopped at the local cabana to try it out. After slow-brewing the tea and settling a bet about how pineapples got their name, we added a few select flavors to our new brew. Presto! We created the first batch of paradise.

paradise gets a new name

From the first sip, we knew we had to share our tea with everyone. We chose the name Tradewinds because we liked the feeling of an ocean breeze on a long afternoon. And because it’s the first name that came to us and we had a lot of unwinding (with real slow-brewed tea) to do.

taking the time to unwind

For every new flavor of Tradewinds we shared with the world, we took some time to relax. If there’s one thing we love doing in paradise, it’s kicking back with our feet up. That, and brewing every batch of our Slow-Brewed tea just like we always have. Those two things are pretty nice.

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