Our Story

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Every tea has a tale. When it comes to Tradewinds, our story is just as authentic as our slow-brewed iced tea.

A new way to brew tea is born.

Our story starts in 1992. An ambitious local family ran a local brewery in Cincinnati and thought, “What if we used our equipment to make tea, too?” So they did. A few tweaks and years later, we’re still slow-brewing our iced tea.

Our tea leaves keep it real.

You won’t find our main ingredient growing in Cincinnati, though. To brew Tradewinds Iced Tea, we go out of our way to source real tea leaves from their origin countries. It’s authentic through and through.

Superior tea Slowly steeped.

Next, imagine steeping a cup of tea. But bigger. Much bigger. Our brewmasters put huge bags of tea in a big brew tank, add hot water and stir. We know what you’re thinking — no, they don’t use a giant spoon.

Real iced tea. All the way through.

Why start with premium ingredients if you aren’t going to end with them, too? Flavor, real sugar (for the sweet teas) and other ingredients are added before our experts give each batch a thumbs-up.

Brew. Bottle. Take it easy.

Then it’s time to hit the shelves. Each bottle of iced tea gets filled, sealed, and labeled as a Tradewinds Tea. Which begs the question –- why “Tradewinds?” Well, we wanted a name to capture the feeling of that first sip. Like a calm breeze on a sunny day.